Why Should I finish my Prescription Antibiotics? Part 2

Colds and flu are caused by viruses and not by bacteria. Antibiotics do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against viruses. That’s right – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It is possible to be so sick with a virus that you can’t fight off your normal resident bacteria and develop a secondary bacterial infection and for that you need antibiotics, but 99% of the time, you have to get over a virus all by yourself. If you go to the clinic and your health care provider gives you a prescription for antibiotics for a cold or flu, you’ll feel better in the same 10 days that you would have if you had not spent the money and took Tylenol and drank lots of liquids.

Now, here’s the problem. Since bacteria are living creatures like us, and because there are zillions of them inside your body when you have an infection, when you take your prescription antibiotics, you begin to kill them off by the thousands. Thousands gone, zillions left. Like any other organism, bacteria have diverse genetic material. Not every offspring of every strep bacterium has the same genetics. They evolve, they mutate, they change. One in a bazillion will have some genetic mutation that protects that bacterium from death by penicillin.

Here you are, taking your antibiotics and you start to feel better and you quit taking the pills. Bad decision. Not all of the bacteria are dead yet and besides, one or two of them have figured out that this stuff can’t kill them. Now, most of the time your own defenses will kill those few super-bugs. Sometimes your infection will come back because you didn’t take all of your pills. Other times you will not feel sick but you will be going through your day sliming your friends, acquaintances, and co-workers with antibiotic resistant bacteria from your skin. Think about that the next time you shake hands with your new client.

We now have super bugs that are resistant to not one, not two, but a whole host of expensive products of the pharmaceutical industry. Now we can look forward to the day when we are elderly and debilitated and suffer a simple infection with a bacterium that causes pneumonia and THERE WILL BE NO ANTIBIOTIC TO FIGHT IT. The reason there will be no treatment will be because people did not take all of their antibiotics in years gone by, or they saved them and took them a year later, or they passed a partial prescription to a family member, and the resistant bugs reproduced themselves by the millions.

The point here is to ALWAYS take all of your prescription antibiotics even though you feel better. Do not save pills for another day. Do not give antibiotics to anyone else. And finally, never buy those “antibacterial” soaps and cleaning products. Bacteria are everywhere and they should be. A high school girl in California performed a Science Fair project a few years ago that proved that the use of such soaps and cleaning products produced antibiotic resistant bacteria in a very short time. All of us should be very frightened by her conclusions. Every home in America has been turned into a laboratory that is cranking out killer bacteria and lazy immune systems every day. Don’t add your body and your house to the growing list of killer bacteria factories.

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