Treat Migraines without Prescription Drugs

Options for Preventing and Relieving Migraine Pain

A debilitating condition afflicting 18% to 21% of the American population, migraine headache pain can have a negative impact on society. Negatively affecting job performance, day to day routines and familial and social relations, migraine sufferers are on a ceaseless journey to find relief and to stop migraines from ever happening.

Doctors use a wide range of prescription drugs such as serotonin agonists, vasoconstrictors, anti-depressants, calcium channel blockers and basic prescription narcotics, to treat migraines. However, there is not one known treatment to cure the massive amount of people who suffer from migraines. Consequently, migraine sufferers are trying these alternative medicine strategies in an attempt to both aid and prevent migraine headache pain.

Acupuncture: While acupuncture is not a mainstream treatment for migraine pain, many find that needles applied to key nerve sites does help relieve migraine pain and seems to reduce the number of migraine episodes.

Vitamins and Supplements: In a lot of scientific studies, the link between migraine pain and digestive well being has been examined. The fascinating thing is that evidence suggests that poor digestive health might lead to a rise in the occurrence of migraine pain. Consequently, migraine sufferers have started to improve dietary amounts and now add in magnesium and Riboflavin supplements along with the herb. A non-prescription medication called MigreLief has been developed by Akeso Health Sciences which uses this triple therapy method, and should be taken every day to help prevent migraine headaches. Also, the utilization of the herb, Feverfew, in prevention, has been shown to inhibit the role of platelets in the bloodstream, lower serotonin release and slow down swelling. This, by itself, might be an effective therapeutic method to help avoid migraine pain.

With a long reputation for relieving headache pain, the utilization of cool ice packs is a familiar method to get rid of migraine pain. The tried and true method of putting ice in a bag and wrapping it in a towel has become more modernized. Two items, Migracap and BeKool are available without a prescription and offer the cooling and helpful effect of the familiar ice pack treatment. BeKool is an easy to use gel-type pack that may be applied to the forehead or nape of the neck, but MigraCap provides greater effects. You can place any of the several colors of MigraCap on your head when you have a migraine. In addition to the black lining that blocks out light, the MigraCap includes strategically positioned cool gel packs to help cool and soothe the areas that are usually affected by migraine pain.

No matter how you decide to treat your migraines, don’t overlook alternative medicine. Prescription medications are offered by online pharmacies to treat migraine pain, but using over the counter remedies may help enhance the effects of these drugs and could possibly allow a person to stop taking prescription migraine medications completely. No matter which road you choose, the final outcome could stop pain and make everyday life better for a migraine sufferer.

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