Prescription Drugs and Other Remedies for Relief Arthritis Pain

About 33 percent of adults have pain from arthritis. There are two types of arthritis, a painful joint inflammation, that we can suffer from: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The breakdown of your joint’s cartilage is called osteoarthritis. The knees, fingers, or wrists are normally affected. Joints and other body parts, like the lungs and heart, can be affected by rheumatoid arthritis. You might have a type of arthritis if you experience pain in both of your knees or wrists. This ailment hurts a lot and is very uncomfortable, possibly having a huge impact on our lives, bringing us down and making us feel miserable on our job and during our free time. But we can’t get rid of it permanently, so all we can do is relieve its signs.

For arthritis treatment, there are medications. We can take non-prescription medicines, like acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or aspirin, but we have to beware, because if we take too much or use it for too long we can end up being sick, messing up the liver or various organs.

Prescription drugs are continually being developed. Larger doses of anti-inflammatory drugs such as Naxopren, Celebrex, Ibuprofen, or Meloxicam can be prescribed by your physician. Our hope is that scientists will soon find a safer, more effective drug for this serious condition.

Topical medicines are remedies that are applied directly to the affected joint. This includes creams such as Bengay. They help you find relief with few side effects. Steroids are commonly used in shots for the joints that hurt. They have a short-term effect and are extremely painful.

We need to be active participants in the reduction of our pain from arthritis. Our best improvement comes  from relying on medication along with giving our own attention to care and exercise.

Activities that do not put pressure on the joints are excellent to help people to manage one’s weight (being obese has an influence on arthritis), and to keep your body healthy. If you consistently exercise by taking walks, stretching, or doing yoga, your arthritis will be easier to maintain. Swimming is helpful for joints, but watch out for the humidity.

Studies show that food and arthritis are related. People who decrease their fat and sugar and eat more fruit and vegetables feel better. In the treatment of arthritic patients, blood tests for the control the levels of sugar and cholesterol are often ordered by the physician. It is good to consume lots of water, as it assists in the cleansing of toxins from the body, keeping it in good health.

One common way to deal with arthritis pain is to sit in a hot bath, normally before sleeping (arthritis hurts the most when we don’t move or are asleep). We can have a regular warm bath with just water, the bubble bath liquid we love the most, or we can mix in some Epsom salts, which are a well known joint soother. Mud and eucalyptus leaves are popular additions. Prolonged soaking in the heated water, loosening up for half an hour in the warmth, is key.

Popular remedies include saunas and sunbaths. The pain and stiffness is relieved, but monitor your blood pressure before you go into saunas, don’t stay too long, and apply sunscreen any time that you lay in the sun.

Swallowing high dosages (follow directions always for taking medication) of Vitamin C is something that a lot of arthritis patients do, and a lot of them get relief. Vitamin C assists in the fight against disease and the improvement of the immune system.

Alternative medicine also makes an effort to get relief from arthritis pain, by applying homeopathy, herbs, aromas or acupuncture. The decision is up to each person to use every treatment out there to help their pain, but it is necessary to look around and have a consultation before you do anything, since there aren’t any promises when you use these treatments.

Lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, juniper, and a lot more herbs can be used. Apply them to the affected body parts by mixing them with oils and making compresses.

There are some drinks that are known as remedies for arthritis pain, like a mixture of orange juice and cod oil, or cranberry or lemon juice can be drunk three times each day. Regularly eating a large proportion of colorful produce is usually beneficial.

We believe one day we will find the best medicine or relief for arthritis pain, or something greater, like a real solution. Until this time, we will try all of the available remedies that are not dangerous, because to live having pain is like having no life at all.

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