Living with MS

Life has changed a lot for my family and I in the last few years; we are not what I would call a typical North American family.

My husband does most of the shopping, cleaning and care taking of our daughter. Some days is mom and dad and those are the ones I feel bad about but there isn’t a thing I can do to change it.

I have asked others these questions and they have answered more than likely the same way you will. If you take the basics in life for granted you will know what I mean.

Do you get up early just incase you need help getting out of bed or getting out of the shower? Do you plan everyday what you are doing depending on how one person feels? I do. Do you get disappointed because one family member cancels at the last moment because they don’t feel up to it? I know that my husband and daughter do.

In the last two years I have felt responsible for so much lost quality time with my family, broken promises to go places with my daughter and them being angry or upset because mom is sick again. Seven year-olds don’t understand all the time.

They lovingly say its ok most of the time, but I know that they are hurt because our plans are cancelled or they have to go without me.

I have missed some of the most important things in in my daughters’ life because of MS. Some examples are when my daughter had her first school trip her aunt went because I was too tired and couldn’t walk around and supervise 3 rambuncious 4 year-olds.

On her first day of Grade One I didn’t have the energy to take her to school so her daddy had too take the time off work and take her. There was her first Christmas recital in the primary choir, I couldn’t go because the weather was bad and my legs were really weak.

I couldn’t go to some of her activities or her daycamp in the summertime because the places they were held in weren’t accessible by wheelchair. Then there was also the fact that sometimes just getting up and doing my own daily things tired me out.

I know this is a disappointment to her a lot of times and it breaks my heart when I have to tell her again that mommy doesn’t feel well. Today I try to rest more when I have something I want to do with my family. My husband is better at telling now when I need to slow down or rest to. If we are going out of town I rest up for a few days and don’t plan a lot of visits at the same time.

Always before I use to been one to just pick up and go when I wanted to not thinking about consequences. That has all changed in the last five years. My multiple sclerosis has made me slow down. I try to plan things now so that I relax and enjoy myself and everyone around me does too.

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