High Blood Pressure: What You should Do

If your high blood pressure is not modified by medications, you may suffer from something known as resistant hypertension. What are the reasons behind it, and what can you do regarding it?

Prescription drugs and changes in lifestyle when taken together can generally control a common medical condition known as hypertension. It is not uncommon for people to struggle in lowering their high blood pressure, even if they are on several medications prescribed for high blood pressure. If blood pressure is not controlled while using three or more various blood pressure medications, doctors consider this problem to be resistant high blood pressure.

About one out of four people might be affected by resistant hypertension; this can be a struggle for the person and also the person’s physician. If you’ve been diagnosed with resistant high blood pressure, consider yourself lucky because that is the first step of many to getting this problem under control. Follow your doctor’s instructions and do not make any changes without consulting with him or her first.

If your blood pressure is always high, you need to consider the presence of white coat hypertension. Readings of blood pressure may be high when taken in the doctor’s office, while they may be normal when read at home under less stressful circumstances. It may help to have your blood pressure taken outside of your physician’s office at different times of the day for a period of a few weeks. Available at most drugstores, blood pressure equipment for the home is easy to use, and not expensive. If you record your blood pressure readings taken at home, your physician will be better able to figure out if you really have resistant high blood pressure.

Lifestyle conditions are another item to think about with resistant high blood pressure. While you may be taking your blood pressure meds religiously, you can still be the cause of the problem if you’re still eating a diet that has a lot of salt. Blood pressure can be elevated and heart disease risk can be higher by the consumption of a diet high in sodium. It is essential to look at the labels at the supermarket and be knowledgeable of how much daily sodium your diet has. Reducing the amount of sodium you eat to under 1500 mg per day could solve a problem with resistant hypertension. A diet that is plentiful in vegetables and fruits provides potassium, a mineral that is important in controlling blood pressure. If your weight is above normal, your high blood pressure can be lowered by losing a few pounds and also by starting on a regimen of aerobic exercise daily.

What if these simple changes in lifestyle are not effective? If resistant high blood pressure continues to give you trouble in spite of changing the way you live and a change of medication by your physician, it could be possible that an undisclosed medical ailment, such as kidney problems, is the reason why your blood pressure continues to be high. Your physician may decide that you need to undergo additional tests.

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