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Depression is More than a Bad Mood

If feelings of sadness and lack of enthusiasm dog you for long periods of time, don't discount it as "just a bad mood." And don't listen to people who say, "It's all in your head." Of course it's all in your head! That's where depression begins, as do all human thoughts. The difference between just sad thoughts and clinical depression is often a physical component that affects sleep, appetite, concentration and memory. Just as in a physical illness, depression can and should be treated. First it must be diagnosed. So if you have symptoms such as feelings of worthlessness or emptiness, sleeplessness, anxiety, lack of energy, loss of interest in life, see a doctor immediately, preferably a psychiatrist M.D. or licensed psychologist specializing in clinical depression. Eighty percent of all mental health patients respond favorably to antidepressants, short-term talk therapy, behavior modification or a combination of the three. For more information, visit the Web sites of the National Mental Health Association: or the National Institute of Mental Health:


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